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General Discussions / Email to Txt
« Last post by Dragon on June 04, 2020, 19:23:50 »
Want to have messages go to your phone as a text message? Try your number as an email address. If you’re using this website to play Conquest Online or simply want to stay updated with the latest reminders from the forum, plugging your phone number+carrier domain into the email address field might be all you need.

Thanks to, here’s a list of addresses to tack onto your number to form your email address.

Here are the domain names of some of the more popular carriers:

Metro PCS:
U.S. Cellular:
Virgin Mobile:
Remember that these domains only work for text messages. If you want to send pictures, video, or audio, you'll need to skip the SMS address and use the MMS (multimedia messaging service) address instead.

There are a few other links in that article that may be helpful too, such as, which can help you find a carrier based on a number.
Video Games / StarCraft on Linux
« Last post by Dragon on May 28, 2020, 23:20:09 »
Since I'm running Linux on my personal (non-work) computer, having a way to play StarCraft on it is a bonus. So far, I've been able to play just the Single Player campaign though. I need some additional stuff and came across this to look into when I have more time.
Tyco RC / Re: New forum member here! Getting back into Tyco!
« Last post by czstycor/c on May 27, 2020, 11:35:12 »
So I might have some treads for a fast traxx I could look if that is something you are interested in. The replacements they made had a different tread design then the “lightening bolt” pattern but they still look good.

That's a really interesting solution.  I had no idea something like that existed!  It would be fun to make your own tracked vehicle out of that kit  8)

I think I am more so looking for tracks specifically made for the fast traxx though so I can keep the factory look  :D
General Discussions / 3D Printer Projects
« Last post by Dragon on May 25, 2020, 20:08:01 »
Although I don’t have a 3D printer yet, I hope to get one eventually. In the meantime, I thought it might be nice to put together a list of some printer projects that look cool. Feel free to add to this list.

Blogs / Re: Automatically Enable and Disable Touchpad on Ubuntu
« Last post by Dragon on May 20, 2020, 16:37:31 »
Problem discovered: If I LOCK my laptop and then unplug my USB mouse, the script doesn't get called when I unlock the PC, until I open a Terminal window. Not the worst, but it's something to take into consideration.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: WTB Bandit 4wd
« Last post by JohnB on May 20, 2020, 09:41:10 »
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: WTB Bandit 4wd
« Last post by Dragon on May 20, 2020, 07:46:04 »
I've sent a message to the guy who posted that image originally. Haven't heard back from him though.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: WTB Bandit 4wd
« Last post by JohnB on May 18, 2020, 13:30:14 »
Yeah, thats the one.
Even if I could get a glimpse at the chassis with the body off. I wonder is it the same chassis as the Taiyo 4wd hoppers I could cobble something together but the front suspension, I dunno, just seems a little different without any good pictures.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: WTB Bandit 4wd
« Last post by Dragon on May 17, 2020, 19:29:33 »
Buy/Sell/Trade / WTB Bandit 4wd
« Last post by JohnB on May 17, 2020, 14:55:31 »
Hi, been looking for a Tyco Bandit Racing Pickup 4wd 9.6v for ages. They never seem to come up on Ebay. I have searched the net forever and this seems to really be the only place they are even mentioned over on the tyco threads. Unfortunately those threads are fairly inactive now, Im about 5-10 years too late for that party.
So anyway, can anyone point me in the direction of one of these bandits that may be for sale? Thanks
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