Author Topic: Nikko hobby conversion, servo cheater tip.  (Read 4279 times)


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Nikko hobby conversion, servo cheater tip.
« on: September 21, 2012, 21:32:28 »

So I really needed to do a hobby convert to my radio shack rock runner (Nikko Thor Chassis).
The OEM speed control is defective, got so hot with the stock motor it melted the plastic next to the circuit board, was acting like it had really high resistance.
But, the original nikko servo was fine, and I had an old hobby servo with bad gears. So instead of buying a new servo, and taking out the stock one to convert it, I left it alone and used the controller board from the broken hobby servo to control the OEM Nikko servo. I think the hobby controller uses a little higher voltage then nikko, because it's a little more peppy then stock. But now I can use a hobby radio and ESC.
The second pic show how I mounted the board with double sided tape and hot glue to keep the wires put.

Wiring is:
Orange & Black is motor.
Blue is motor shielding.
Yellow and green are out side pot leads, white is pot center.

You can change the direction of the servo by swapping the orange with black and green with yellow.
The white and blue must stay.