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Solomon's Temple (redesign)
« on: August 04, 2020, 12:37:24 »
I've been working on a redesign of Solomon's Temple. It's a game about 20 years old now that I only recently played. I had been hoping to find some more good Bible-based games when I got this. Unfortunately, the game play was horrible. My wife and I slogged through one game of it, which lasted about 3 hours. My wife won, but hated it. Even though I was losing, I wanted to play it out to see how it ended.

I knew right away that the game needed to be redone. The artwork is decent, although, the way that they designed the cards made it very difficult to read in places. This made it especially difficult during the game because there are so many cards and sometimes similar ones had slight variations of how they worked. Original game play made it extremely easy to get stuck, if you didn't know what the limitations were to end the game, and on the flip-side, knowing what you needed to hold onto just made you frustrated when you got something too early.

My redesign eliminates some of the redundant components, makes additional players possible (we played with 3), and gets out of the rut of getting stuck like you would in the original. Let me know if you have copy of Solomon's Temple from Cactus Games and are interested in trying out my new design of the game. I'm planning to send them to the publishing company for review and possibly give new life to the game.
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