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« on: July 03, 2008, 14:32:05 »
While I was doing research for my art paper I came across an article about SecondLife. After I finished my paper and felt like it was time for a break I went to, registered for an account, and downloaded the software. A basic account for the game is free, and you can even register for multiple basic accounts using the same email address, so now I have two accounts - primarily so both my kids can get on it at the same time. One is character that started off as a Night Elf but I've changed it into something more like Little John from Robin Hood. (Players can change the appearance of their "avatar" any time they want.) The other character is a little blue dragon which was one of the default avatars available.

So far, the game reminds me a bit of The Sims Online, except in this place you actually have to pay for land if you want to build a house. (I guess that is to make up for the game being free otherwise.) After the initial orientation, players go to a Help Island where they can pick up some freebies - mostly things to decorate your home, if you decide to build one. (Note: I discovered that there are multiple Orientation Islands and Help Islands that look exactly the same since we tried getting the characters to meet on them.) From there you can exit and teleport to some other island, which appears to be kind of random. Once you leave Help Island you can't come back, so you'd better grab the freebies that you want from there while you can.

So far we found a couple fun places. I've primarily been looking for places that were entertaining for my son, since he's been playing the most. He mostly just flies around with the blue dragon named Froggy. (My daughter made a suggestion for the name and then my son picked which avatar to use.)

Anyway, if anyone else plays SecondLife, let me know. If you haven't joined yet, please use this link:
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