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Hedgehog Remote Detonation System

Technology Base: Both
Unloaded Weight: 3.5 tons
Unloaded Cost: 250,000 C-Bills
Ammo/ton: 2 pods
Ammo cost: 100,000 C-Bills
Damage: 10 points per hit (Damage Location on Kick Chart)

Short: 2
Medium: 4
Long: 6
Special Info:
The Hedgehog Remote Detonation System (HRDS) can only be mounted in the Legs or Center Torso since the pod will race across the ground to the target. The attack is made by the MechWarrior using Piloting Skill as the Base number for the attack, rather than the Gunnery Skill. In addition to standard weapon attack modifiers, the HRDS is also slightly hindered by hills, with a +1 penalty per elevation level that it crosses. One benefit that this system has is that although it is mounted forward it can be sent in any direction from the launcher, allowing the attacker to hit a target behind him.