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Physical Attack Reference

Rather than using standard "To-Hit" numbers for physical attacks, the Piloting Skill of the MechWarrior will determine the difficulty of an attack. Since the Inner Sphere warriors are trained for physical attacks, while it isn't honorable for the Clan warriors, the Inner Sphere has better modifiers as seen below. (These modifiers are based on optional rules in Maximum Tech.)

Inner Sphere Warriors Clan Warriors
Attack Modifier Modifier
Punching -1 +1
Clubbing -1 +1
Pushing -1 +1
Kicking -2 0
Charging* 0 +2
DFA* 0 +2

*Charging and Death From Above attacks are also modified by the difference between Piloting Skills. ATTACKER Piloting Skill minus the TARGET Piloting Skill equals the attack modifier. (Note: The Attacker will have a bonus if his skill is better, but a penalty if the Target has a better skill.)

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