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Title: Art Decko
Post by: Dragon on February 08, 2022, 17:44:21
Sunday, we played a game that I recently found out about on boardgamearena.com and bought from funagain.com - a deck building game about paintings called Art Decko. I'm a big fan of Dominion and have played some other deck-building games that were ok, but none that caught my attention like Art Decko did after playing it just one time.

Beth, Isaac, and I played, with Beth starting the game as first player after I explained the game. After getting into the game a bit, Beth was the first to Exhibit a painting. I still wasn't getting enough money or valuable paintings at good times to put any of my paintings into the Museum, but I was still able to keep collecting them. Isaac was able to get one or two into the Museum also before I was able to, but that worked in my favor since one of the Bonus tiles in the Museum was for the player that has the least paintings in there. At the end of the game, Beth had a significant lead around the score track, with around 40 points and I had only half that, with Isaac in the middle. However, I had a huge collection of cards and had managed to get many of the top valued paintings.
I also had many coin cards. All of the 5-coin cards were purchased, but not many of the 3-coin cards had been, so the exchange rate for the coins was pretty high, but had gone over the optimal value into the 2:1 ratio. In the end, I jumped ahead in score and looped around the score track, passing Beth and Isaac.

Overall, I really enjoy this game. My wife also thought this game was fun and mentioned that it was much better than she had anticipated. She also really liked the artwork on the cards. (I also like the artwork on this game and on the Modern Art card game, but Beth really dislikes about half of the cards in Modern Art.) 

Unfortunately, I do have a couple little complaints regarding the game board, but the game play was great and I still think it's well worth picking up this game.

My first complaint about game board is that the Market spaces are too small. Technically they do fit the cards, but the Market is right on the edge of the board and since this space is where most of change is happening on the board, the cards are often shifted over and just floating off the edge of the board. I would like to have seen the Market in the center of the board, or at least more toward the center, with the Museum on the edge, since those don't always get filled up.

My second complaint about the game board is that I don't like the Scoring Track design. I think it would have been better to have a separate Scoring Track, like what was used for tracking the Market Values. If the Scoring track hadn't gone through the middle of the game board, the Market spaces could have had more space even if they weren't moved to where the Museum is at. Also, since the scores go up to 79 and then loops back to 0, it makes final scoring a little weird, especially since the rulebook suggests flipping the players' reference cards over to group cards together and multiply them for scores. We actually had a situation where one player had counted spaces around the board for their points and for another the score was quickly totaled and jumped to the seemingly appropriate value over 100, until reevaluating the end results.

Title: Re: Art Decko
Post by: Dragon on February 21, 2022, 18:47:35
We played Art Decko today. It was just two of us; Beth was first player, I was second. The game took about an hour and a half and ended when Beth put an Impressionism painting into the museum and the value went over 70 for them. Fortunately, for me, there were lots of Impressionism cards in my deck. I jumped way ahead of Beth at that point, finishing with 184 points compared to Beth's 147.

Beth wanted a rematch right away so we played a second time today, this time with me starting as First player. In this game, Beth decided to follow the strategy that she saw me playing, focusing more on buying paintings than exhibiting them in the museum. The game went quick, lasting only about 30 minutes. Since all four galleries had at least one surrealism painting at the beginning and the cheapest gallery was packed with 3 of them, the value of surrealism cards jumped up to 4 coins really fast. Eventually the other paintings increased in value but only one painting was ever added to the museum. The game ended when Beth cleared one of the galleries and there weren't enough painting cards to refill the galleries. Final score was: Nathaniel: 152, Beth: 140.
Title: Re: Art Decko
Post by: Dragon on April 17, 2022, 13:59:23
Yesterday, Beth and I played Art Decko. Setup was a little unusual from what I’ve had in previous games - the lowest price in the galleries from the start was 5 gold, so the other 4 starting cost tokens were removed from the game right in the beginning.

In the beginning of the game, I decided to “trash” (using a term from Dominion) some of my Gold cards in order to buy more paintings during the first few rounds. I’m not sure if it helped me or not, but Beth thinks I would have been way behind if it weren’t for that.

In the end, the Market Rating of Gold was over 70. There was only one painting in the museum, which had been exhibited by Beth. As we were adding up the score for each section, our scores were pretty close most of the time. I could tell that Beth was going to win due to all the Gold cards that she had collected. Even though they were trading in at 3:1 ratio, she had about 3 times as many Gold cards as I did. She won Art Decko for the first time with 134 point, 5 points more than me.