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Title: Programming With The Kids - The New Batch
Post by: Dragon on July 15, 2021, 17:07:32
It's been a few years and my kids haven't done much with the coding, but it's time for the next set to check it out. Yesterday I introduced them to code.org (https://code.org). I think Grace and Anna have both picked up on it quite well for the first day. I started them at the beginning of Course C (https://code.org/educate/curriculum/elementary-school), which is intended for 2nd Grade and up. 

Grace finished all of Course C and was quite proud of her Mini-Project: Chase Game from Section 13.

Anna finished Section 12 of Course C, which has Build a Flappy Game at the end. She's almost done with Section 13 with Mini-Project: Chase Game.

By the way, Code.org works fine on a tablet or computer. You can even go from one to the other in between tasks. Warning: If you haven't hit the Finish button on a page, don't log out! You can lose all of your work from that task if you don't Finish it before leaving. That can get quite frustrating for anyone, especially if they've spent 15-20 minutes creating something on a Free Play task.   
Title: Re: Programming With The Kids - The New Batch
Post by: Dragon on April 15, 2022, 19:41:34
I've recently been showing them how to make websites. This is another thing that code.org does nicely with a Web Development course and a Sandbox, even just using an iPad. I've allowed them to share their projects via the Teacher Dashboard, and we're quite proud of their work so far. Here are their projects, along with some screenshots of the work in progress.

Anna's website: https://codeprojects.org/1F66XhMxTheUDteeElEPaCLru-Y_xPsXiFaKYDlmqBo
My First Website (https://dragonshobbies.com/anna)

Grace's website: https://codeprojects.org/E5Y2lK8jj1xZA8PfA0TP3LhpzIUsDqk0SCgMIRlnSDs
Cute Dogs! (https://dragonshobbies.com/grace)