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Table-top Games / Re: Top Picks For Board Games
« Last post by Dragon on November 19, 2022, 14:35:03 »
Since I never was able to find my Deserted Island Game List on, I'll just post some of my current and past favorite games.

Now that my son has gone off to college, recently, I've been playing games on BGA more than face-to-face, but I do still play board games with my wife and occasionally other guests. I still enjoy playing The Settlers Of Catan, Rival Troops, and Dominion, but also recently played Robo Rally again and I really enjoyed getting that one out.

My favorite games to play last year were: Dominion, Stone Age, and Caylus 1303.

Past favorites include: Bang!, BattleTech, Blue Moon City, Cash N Guns, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Cathedral, Condottierre, Citadels, Conquest of the Empire, Cosmic Encounter, Dominion, Doom: The Board Game (especially the Deathmatch rules), HeroQuest, HeroScape, Homeworlds (Looney Pyramids), Onitama, Pandemic, Power Grid, The Resistance, Robo Rally, Rumis, San Juan, Silver & Gold, The Settlers of Catan, Splendor, QE, Quarto, and Quoridor.
Table-top Games / Top Picks For Board Games
« Last post by Dragon on November 11, 2022, 12:45:59 »
Over the years there have been several different lists about the top board games. Prior to BoardGameGeek coming onto the scene, had Board Game section run by Erik Arneson. I've had to check back using the WayBackMachine but have even found that his Top 10 Must-Have Board Games changed over the years. For example, in 2003, this is was his list:

1) Settlers of Catan
2) Scrabble
3) Carcassonne
4) Chess
5) Risk 2210 AD
6) Time's Up!
7) Lord of the Rings
8) In Pursuit
9) Backgammon
10) Monopoly

In 2004, his list changed to this:
1) Settlers of Catan
2) Scrabble
3) Puerto Rico
4) Traumfabrik
5) Chess
6) Time's Up!
7) I'm the Boss
8) Smarty Party
9) HeroScape
10) Mystery of the Abbey

I was looking for a list that I had written for that site years ago, which was my top games to take to a deserted island. POSTED by HONGBO DECEMBER 4, 2017

1. Settlers of Catan
2. Ticket to Ride Europe
3. 7 Wonders
4. Splendor
5. Dominion
Blogs / HP Victus - Bad Omen
« Last post by Dragon on November 05, 2022, 22:39:12 »
I bought an HP Victus recently. This is the first new computer that I've purchased for myself in over a decade. One big reason for this, aside from the money, was that my Sony Vaio had a great keyboard layout to me, and most laptops that I had found weren't setup the same. Prior to this, I had been recycling, reusing, modifying and upgrading my old Sony Vaio laptop. That computer originally had Windows 7 installed, but has since become a fully Linux machine. I've been running Ubuntu as the primary OS for the past few years. A couple months ago, my old laptop started crashing often again. Even after reinstalling the latest version of Ubuntu, it was having problems. My son recently got an HP Victus and when I checked it out it seemed to have a very nice keyboard layout, good size, and nice specs, so I picked one up for myself. Around this same time, my wife started a new job and needed a computer at home to use until one arrived from her new employer, so I offered to let her use the one that I had just picked up since I hadn't used it much yet, expecting to just wipe it after she used it and then I'd start fresh again. All this was fine, but the problem was that I didn't have much time to check out my new HP Victus for the first few weeks.

After eventually getting my laptop back, resetting it back to day 1, and working with it more, I realized that the Home and End keys were missing... replaced with an Omen Hub key and a Calculator key. The Calculator key was able to be remapped as the End key, but not the Omen key.  I thought it would be something that would need a registry edit to adjust, but even using a program called SharpKeys couldn't detect the Omen key.  Very frustrating. Apparently this is something that HP has decided isn't important for their users. I've continued looking for an option to update this key, because other than that, I've been happy with this this new laptop.

Of course, on the 10-keys there is 7/Home and 1/End, which do work for those when the Num Lock is switched off, or by holding the Shift key, but not the same functionality as holding the Shift key plus pressing Home or End, which highlights the line.

Searching Google brought up several other threads of complaints and alternatives for this issue, including and but for my needs, since the keyboard doesn't appear to be mapped to F24, there might only be one way. An alternative that might fit what I'm looking for as found on
General Discussions / Re: Greasemonkey for Homeworlds on
« Last post by Dragon on October 31, 2022, 21:52:22 »
I just updated the userscript above to Version 1.3.1, adding the description.
Tyco RC / Re: Tyco 9.6V RC Series Upgrade/Replacement Parts Now Available!
« Last post by czstycor/c on October 18, 2022, 20:52:56 »
GTek are you willing to sell off eBay?
Tyco RC / Re: Tyco Bandit or Eliminator
« Last post by czstycor/c on October 18, 2022, 20:37:20 »
Did you find one?
Table-top Games / Re: The Settlers Of Catan Card Game
« Last post by Dragon on October 03, 2022, 22:10:47 »
Yesterday, Beth and I played The Settlers Of Catan Card Game again. Similar to last time, Beth got a City before I did. It actually took a while for me to get my 3rd Victory Point, but I did have some pretty good expansion buildings in my settlements by then. Later I was able to make a quick Road+Settlement build and managed to get the last available Settlement. Beth still had more land all together, but once I was able to get the Mint, along with the two Gold spots, I was able to come back quickly. I got the Commerce token, but never had a single Knight. The end game was very close. I won, with 12-points, and Beth had 11-points.
Table-top Games / Robo Rally
« Last post by Dragon on September 28, 2022, 22:49:34 »
Robo Rally is one of my favorites, but I haven't played it in a while. The day after my birthday, 2022-09-17, we finally got it out again. This time I played against Isaac, Beth, and Grace.

We started off the race with everyone making straight forward moves to begin with, but in Turn 2 we had some confusion happening already. Beth got mixed up a bit with the directions. As the rest of us were heading toward Flag 1, Beth was getting her directions straightened out... some. I managed to be the first to Flag 1, with Isaac and Grace close behind. As Grace got stuck on a wall, Isaac passed her on the way to Flag 2 and got close to where I was at. I managed to stay ahead of Isaac around Flag 2, but on my way to Flag 3 I took a lot of damage, getting shot by Isaac and Grace quite a bit. I had picked up a Powerdown Shield, and I felt like I had a good lead since Isaac still needed to to touch Flag 2, so I decided to shutdown to have better control to get to the final flag. Unfortunately for me, Isaac got to Flag 2 and took a different path toward the 3rd and final flag which got him closer to Flag 3 than I expected while I was shutdown. Two more turns was all it took for Isaac to reach the final flag to win the game.

Grace was having fun and begged to keep playing for second place, so we decided to continue a little longer. I got to the finish in the next turn while Grace was still around Flag 2. Beth still hadn't gotten to Flag 1 yet, but she was getting close by then. She mentioned that people who can visualize things in their heads will have a much easier time in this game. 
Blogs / Happy Forty-Eye-Tis Birthday
« Last post by Dragon on September 13, 2022, 22:02:10 »
Well... I finally got reading glasses, the week of my birthday. I guess I've probably been needing them, at least a little bit, for a while now. It's not that big of a deal for me. I can still see fine at a distance. The eye doctor says I still have better than 20/20 vision, it's just my close range vision is declining some. After explaining that sometimes I have to hold things out at arms length to read it, he said, "Ah, yes. You have forty-eye-tis. Your eyes stop being as quick to adjust after forty." I asked the eye doctor about getting those reading glasses that they sell in the pharmacy and he mentioned that it would probably be fine for me to just get the +125 glasses there, which is what he wrote on my prescription for glasses. He said I don't need bifocals, considering I'm sitting at a computer all day. I'll just need them for reading up close, not anything else. When I looked in the Pharmacy section it looked like they had the Blue Filtering lenses with +1.25, so I'm guessing that's the same thing that the doctor mentioned, and I figured with the blue light that comes from the computer screen, that's probably best for me. I'm used to wearing sunglasses outside all the time anyway, this is just a little different visually, but having them on doesn't feel weird. I'm also thankful that my eyesight is still this good, which especially considering my career, could have had me in glasses a decade earlier. I mentioned it to some people I work with and my manager said, "I just keep get bigger monitors."
General Discussions / Re: 3D Printer Projects
« Last post by Dragon on September 12, 2022, 20:32:04 »
Universal plate/picture stand
by DanRom624 September 09, 2019

Mini Ionic Column - Tiny Object Display Podium
by ThreeDeeJon August 18, 2022
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