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Canvas Rider


I just came across this little game tonight. It reminded me of one of my favorite NES games, ExciteBike.

concrete jumps by fezza_sr

I played a few more random levels on the Canvas Rider game tonight. I also found that they have created a new version of the game called Free Rider HD, which is the one to use if you're interested in creating your own track.

There is an interesting aspect to the level design, at least based on what I've determined from playing various levels, only the black lines are taken into consideration for collision purposes. The gray colors are just used for background design. The "Concrete Jumps" track by fezza_sr was a very cool design to me, both in style of the jumps, and for the background design. Some tracks that I've seen have amazing background designs but were really not enjoyable to play on, while others were just too simple. Some tracks that I tried were completed simply by holding the pedal/forward button down the entire time. Some of those were better than others as far as the look and feel went, but all in all, there's no challenge there... unless you really can't catch onto the fact that the track designer probably just went as fast as possible the entire time to test it out.

Anyway, check out if you are interested in designing a track for this little 2D racing game.


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