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After my wife recently got hooked on The Sims Freeplay, I found that I needed something similar to fit into those few moments that are available but actually take up more time than I really have. 

Somehow I came across The Last Day On Earth - It reminded me so much of another game that I played online years ago that I thought it was a new version of that game. It's been a lot of fun in the short amount of time that I've spent on it so far. The game is still considered in Beta, but it's a quality game. You collect up things to survive, eventually building your home up with better defenses so that you don't lose the food and supplies that you've collected. Zombies occasionally will attack your home, but most of the time you'll run into them in the various zones that you need to go to for finding more supplies. Everything builds on what you have, so you start collecting wood (fallen branches or chopping down trees), leaves (plant fiber), and berries. Eventually you're able to build a small house, and more tools enabling you to make food at your own home, but you'll still need to go out and scavenge. There is also a PVP (Player Vs. Player) element to it... if you're online at the same time as another player and happen to be going to the same zone, you might run into another "survivor" who just might attack you to take your stuff. If your character dies in the game, everything you had on him is dropped right where you died and you'll get a new character, wearing only shorts, starting off in your home territory. If you were killed by a wolf or zombie, maybe you'll have a chance running back to that place and picking the stuff up from your fallen body, but of course, if it was a PVP attack, you probably had all the best stuff taken and might not even find the body when you return.

Just today I went online to look for the older game that I played and I finally found it - The Last Stand - Dead Zone, from Unfortunately, I noticed that it's a game that requires Flash, and I don't have that installed anymore. I really hope that conartistgames will update The Last Stand - Dead Zone to play with the new HTML5/Canvas technology. Anyway, from what I remember a few years back, it was a fun game of collecting and building... trying to get good placement of your survivors in order to defend your home from the incoming zombie hordes. That game seemed to be a lot about positioning for the best defense, but you also had to go out into other zones to scavenge what you could, and sometimes those zones were controlled by other human players who might retaliate by attacking your home.

It's also a little reminiscent of This War Of Mine, which is another mobile & pc game that isn't free, but is worth the price, especially if you can get it during one of the Steam Sales. Although it looks as dark and gritty as the other two games, This War Of Mine is a survival game without zombies... you're just trying to survive with minimal food and water, trying to scavenge things where you can and protect what you've collected from other scavengers. This one is mostly a game of "how many days can I stay alive?" rather than a long running build up. You do get a chance to build up your food and equipment, similar to the two games I mentioned previously, but This War Of Mine starts you off with one character and maybe more will come along and help you live... or they might help you starve to death. The game ends when the shelter that you started in has no survivors left. Some may die while they are out scavenging, some may die from starvation, and some might just leave the shelter because they can't stand to stay anymore. Eventually though... you'll be left with no one and only a counter showing how many days you survived this time around.

All in all, the 3 games that I've mentioned are all great to play and have been enjoyable at some point in my life. Please let me know what you think of these games that I've recommended, and feel free to post here if you have another survival game that you'd recommend.


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