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I'm proud to say that I've finally published a boardgame. I've been playing games since I was a kid and playing around with game ideas and designs for just as long. This year I came across The Game Crafter and finally found a way to get a quality product made as an independent designer.

Farting Cows And The End Of The World is fun, strategic, and easy to play. It's great for 2 to 4 players and with a play time of 30 minutes for two-players, it can even fit into a lunch break at work.

Also, for those supporters of local and America products, it was designed and made in the USA! If you live in Pinellas County, FL, I might even be available for game demos.

Farting Cows And The End Of The World

The theme for the game:

The community is concerned about all the gas building up around the cows. Eventually it might explode! Move your cows to an open pasture where they can air out their farts before they kill us all!

Available to purchase online at

I would suggest using normally, but estimated time of delivery is after Christmas right now. Fortunately, I have a small stash of them at home to sell directly. Want to buy one for Christmas? Give me the address where you want it sent. I'll find out the shipping cost and let you know what I find and then could be used for payment.

Very fun game, glad you pushed forward and completed it. It is a nice product, very professional.


Thanks for your encouragement and support, buying my game, and for the feedback! I'm glad you and your friends have enjoyed the game!

So, you've heard about the game, but you may be asking, "Where do I buy it?" It's not on Amazon Marketplace yet; I don't have it listed on eBay yet either. I do have it listed on The Board Game Geek Marketplace, in case you're interested in buying an autographed copy from me. If you'd prefer to get a new copy still in shrink-wrap direct from the manufacturer, here's a direct link to my store page on The Game Crafter:


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