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Here are a few pictures of my boxed Tyco's

Tyco 9.6V Turbo Eliminator
Tyco 9.6V Turbo Hammer
Tyco 9.6V Turbo Bandit
Tyco 9.6V Turbo Hopper
Tyco 9.6V Turbo Blaster
Tyco Aero Hopper
Tyco Turbo Hopper

I miss posting in an actual forum compared to todays facebook groups. It's unfortunate how much we've lost in r/c history on the internet since these facebook groups are the new norm in a lot of fields. Google search results use to be plentiful with pictures and links to great material. So here's my little contribution to the way things use to be and thanks to for still being here to allow this to happen, I will try to make more post in the future.

Hi Mark! Thanks for posting your photos! This website has always been like a playground for me. Even though there isn't nearly as much traffic here as there used, I hope to keep this website and forum online for many other people to enjoy.

Mark, Did you do the decaling one the Budweiser Bandit, and the Toyota Eliminator?


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