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Rival Troops
« on: September 06, 2021, 23:45:59 »
Rival Troops should be available for purchase at later this month. This is the game I've been working to get published.

Use your troops to secure the best campsites. During the game, players explore the campground, adding new sites to the expanding area. Players will move their troops around the board, trying to position themselves in the best sites to set up camp. At the end of the game, players will score points for the sites that they've claimed, as long as they have the majority of troops on a site.

I've also registered this game for a contest at The Game Crafter called the Small Box Challenge. Please show your support at

I like some abstract games, like Quoridor, Quarto, and Blockus, but I usually enjoy a game that has a good theme on it. This is another variation of my abstract game, Operation: Camper, that was inspired by Looney Labs pyramids, Homeworlds, Alien City, Carcassonne, and Robber Knights years ago. I think the camping theme works very well with this, for multiple reasons, like the way the movement and positioning goes. I also like it since it points back to original title that I had for the game.
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