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Tyco 9.6V RC Series Upgrade/Replacement Parts Now Available!

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Hey folks,

In case anyone is interested in beefing up/customizing some parts on their Bandit, Eliminator, Hopper, Hi-Jacker or other models in the 9.6V series; I've recently started making some Upgrade parts for these great old TYCOs...

Just a few parts available so far, but more to come if folks show interest.

Let me know what parts that you guys would like to see an upgrade of on these as I would love some feedback and recommendations ;)


Nice! I see 3 items with some color variations. Please post again here if you add any more products! 

GTEK Upgrade Battery Door/Cover TYCO Bandit/Super/Eliminator/Wild Thing/HiJacker

GTEK Upgrade A-Arm Set TYCO Bandit/Super/Eliminator/Wild Thing/Hi-Jacker/Hopper!

GTEK Upgrade Battery Door Latch TYCO Bandit/Super/Eliminator/Wild Thing/HiJacker

Hey Dragon,

Hope you are doing well and will do  ;)


Thanks! I'm doing ok and I hope you are doing well also!

I was just looking at the description you wrote on the A-Arm page and just flashed through a lot of memories of the old commercials, trying out stuff we saw in the commercials, and breaking things on our highly desired toys. At one point I had a Tyco Lamborghini, which my brother crashed into a concrete curb and snapped the A-Arm. I pulled some parts from a broken Tyco Hopper that I had and managed to get it running again, although the cornering was quite different on one side compared to the other. I sold that car years ago, but if I had it today, I'm sure I'd have a request for you. :)

Good deal, doing fine here as well.

Oh' yeah, good memories indeed.  I went through several A-Arms on my Bandit and Heads Up Hopper, but I was pretty rough on them too and curbs were the culprit most the time as well, lol.  ;)

Loved the Twin Turbo Lambos too; would always end up break the bumpers off of those though.

Yeah, I could recreate/upgrade any part really; but had these listed for a week or two and haven't had the reception I expected so far, so not sure how much more I'll make if these don't start selling soon.  We'll se how it goes though  :)



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