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4wd turbo racing pickup in box


Tyco Bandit King:
Since I havenít posted in years thought I would share that I still have the 1988 Tyco 4wd turbo racing pickup. I got it sealed in the box 20 years ago and only used it a few times. Itís the only one I have ever seen in the box. The original batteries still hold a charge

Beautiful! I just got a blue one last month. I am almost scared to play with it as it would be difficult to find parts for it if crashed. Or quit working!

Can you post more pictures of the box please?

Tyco Bandit King:
Yes, Iím still trying to figure out how to properly post pics nowadays haha. Used to do photo bucket but havenít been on there in years and all my pics are on the phone now. Seems like you canít post a large pic

I had to download a picture minimizer/editor that would get my pictures within spec. The one I used off Google play was "Photo Compressor" with a blue logo. Made it easy.

Wow I was just looking on ebay yesterday to see if maybe one of these popped up. I kinda regret selling my matching pair.


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