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« on: January 16, 2022, 21:02:34 »
Today I played Labyrinth with my wife and kids. This is the "race for treasure in a moving maze" game for 2-to-4 players by Ravensburger, not the single-player marble maze game.

We also completed the weekly challenge to "Play a game half-way through, then switch sides" by changing seats, rotating around the table, after the first player revealed 3 cards. To try to keep the rotation fair, we randomly chose starting positions and kept with the original starting rule of "youngest player goes first." Grace started, with Beth to her left, followed by me, then Isaac. Grace was quick to get her first 3 cards, while the rest of us, although we were trying, hadn't gotten more than 1 card. (Seriously, I was trying to get to my first treasure, and my wife claimed she was also, although my son just said he was "kind of trying.") Isaac was happy to take Grace's seat after the rotation, and Grace looked sadly at the collection of treasures that she had left him. Later when she got her 3rd treasure again, she asked if we were going to switch places again. I explained that we were planning to switch only once for this game challenge, but admitted that it did sound like an interesting way to try that also.

With Isaac's early lead in the game, due to taking Grace's cards, it seemed like it would be an easy win for him, but I had set Beth up to pick up a card on her next turn and her following one came quickly. Isaac got his 6th card first, but Beth was closing in fast. She got her 6th card while Isaac was still struggling to get back to his Home. Grace had 3 of her treasures and I had 3 when Beth beat Isaac to her Home for the victory.

After that game, Anna, Grace, and I, decided to play Labyrinth again, but with standard rules, no rotating around the table this time. Grace said she wanted to play again because she "wanted to win." She didn't like the switching that happened due to the weekly game challenge, mainly since she was the one that collected the cards the fastest. She said, "winning is easy - you just go get your cards and then you win!" And this time, she did win. Anna had 5 of her treasures and once again I only had 3.
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