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« on: January 30, 2022, 11:40:23 »
Last night, we got out an old game called Oodles, which has a tag line of "The Game You Can't Get Enough Of." Janai's boyfriend, Sean, selected the game for our family fun time. (Unfortunately, contrary to the tag line on the box, our daughter, Grace, said that she had enough of the game after about 15 minutes.

The game is similar to Outburst, where players will shout out answers. On each card, there are several questions that all don't necessarily have anything in common other than starting the same letter. The active player has 10 seconds to answer the question before it goes to "All Play" and someone else can answer it. There are some questions that kids can get, but the biggest problem is that so many of the questions are referencing people that were probably well known stars from the past but aren't even names that we recognize. The target audience of the game was adults from the early 1990s.

Also, another aspect that seems unfair to me is that the winner is based on whoever can answer the last question on the card. Unlike Outburst, where providing the most correct answers will get you ahead, it's more similar to Family Feud, where a player or team could get all the answers and then the other team answers one thing and steals the points. However, I think even Family Feud has a more fair method of stealing.
Overall, we thought that the method of game play was decent for this style of trivia game, but would probably be better with updated questions that had less references to pop-culture from the past.
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