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It's been a long time since I've played Chess, but after a couple games of Homeworlds yesterday, Isaac challenged me to a game he was more familiar with. He has been studying Chess quite a bit over the last couple years, but never played against me. I haven't played Chess in a while. I started off taking out several of his pieces, Pawns, a Knight and a Bishop, while I lost a couple pieces to him. He admitted to making a couple mistakes early in the game and also underestimated how good I would be. I had put him into Check a few times when I unfortunately got my Queen stuck between my King and his Rook. I was able to pull back so he had to sacrifice his Rook to take out my Queen, but then he came in strong with his Queen and I wasn't able to hold him off. He got me in Checkmate with his Queen and a Pawn. It was a good game.


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