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Robo Rally is one of my favorites, but I haven't played it in a while. The day after my birthday, 2022-09-17, we finally got it out again. This time I played against Isaac, Beth, and Grace.

We started off the race with everyone making straight forward moves to begin with, but in Turn 2 we had some confusion happening already. Beth got mixed up a bit with the directions. As the rest of us were heading toward Flag 1, Beth was getting her directions straightened out... some. I managed to be the first to Flag 1, with Isaac and Grace close behind. As Grace got stuck on a wall, Isaac passed her on the way to Flag 2 and got close to where I was at. I managed to stay ahead of Isaac around Flag 2, but on my way to Flag 3 I took a lot of damage, getting shot by Isaac and Grace quite a bit. I had picked up a Powerdown Shield, and I felt like I had a good lead since Isaac still needed to to touch Flag 2, so I decided to shutdown to have better control to get to the final flag. Unfortunately for me, Isaac got to Flag 2 and took a different path toward the 3rd and final flag which got him closer to Flag 3 than I expected while I was shutdown. Two more turns was all it took for Isaac to reach the final flag to win the game.

Grace was having fun and begged to keep playing for second place, so we decided to continue a little longer. I got to the finish in the next turn while Grace was still around Flag 2. Beth still hadn't gotten to Flag 1 yet, but she was getting close by then. She mentioned that people who can visualize things in their heads will have a much easier time in this game. 

It is still one of my favorites, but I hadn't gotten Robo Rally out for exactly a year. I played against Isaac, Justice, and Chris.

I like using the robot named Twitch in this set. It reminds me of Johnny 5 from the Short Circuit movie. I was off to a good start but had a little bump with Chris' robot and then mine went off into a pit, so my robot was the first to die and be regenerated. Despite the setback, I did still manage to get to the first flag before anyone else. Chris was coming close behind me with Spinbot, while Isaac's Hammerbot was over to the side of the board. Justice managed to get to the 1st flag 3rd. Isaac, Chris, and I had some tight maneuvers and I managed to have an advantage of more cards than the other players for the first time in the game due to the damage that Chris and Isaac had inflicted on each other. Meanwhile, Justice went flying off into a pit by himself after he got to the first flag. I got around to the 2nd flag without much interference and Chris was close behind. At that point I had the perfect set of cards needed to go from Flag 2 to Flag 3. Chris was close by and had hoped to draw a Move 3 card in order to push me and ruin my plans, but unfortunately for him the fastest card he had was a Move 2, so I was able to get away before he came in and was able to shoot right into Flag 3 to win the game.


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