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Connect 4 Launchers
« on: September 04, 2023, 11:47:56 »
My daughter and I played Connect 4 Launchers. This is a fun new take on the classic Connect 4 game. In this game, the goal is still to get 4 of your own checkers in a row, but there two levels to the 3-dimensional board, and there are spring-loaded hand-held launchers which are used to flick the red and yellow rings onto the board. Most of the time that we play this game, we alternate turns launching our colored rings at the board. You can move the launchers around, adjusting the angle and position. The triggers that you pull down to launch the ring also has a pretty wide range so you can try to launch it harder or softer. There are a couple variations of rules, in case you want to play with a crazy speed launching contest, or using special options based on markings on the rings. Whichever variation of the rules that are played, Connect 4 Launchers is still a blast to play.

Doesn't she look happy that I won that round?  ;D
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