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Hey I'm back!!



I moved down to FL 2 months ago, had to leave my trucks up north. To tell you the truck, I forgot how many I have. They will be down here by the end of summer though!

I hope everyone from the old board rejoins!

Hey! Welcome back! I hope the move wasn't too rough on you.

I hope that a lot more of the old members will join up too. I've been wanting to get a lot of the old messages migrated, but haven't had time to work out a migration script yet. Now that the summer semester is in full swing, I don't have much time.

tyco toys:
The new registration system is a pain,   open it up so guest users can post  and traffic should pick back up.   I tried 3 times to register over the past few weeks or months with no luck. The old system didn't hassle you  about signing up or posting.

Sorry, this was the first that I've heard about trouble with registration. I've opened up guest posting, but it was originally restricted because we were getting an unreasonable amount of spammers on the old system.

Anyway, if you could give me some more details regarding the trouble that you had in registration, I'll look into it more. Thanks.

By the way, st5150, I've updated your post count here to reflect the number of posts that you had on the old forum. Welcome back.


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