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TYCO RC list, very basic. Please add more information.

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That looks very similar to a gold one that I found in a catalog from 1989. 9.6V Turbo Indys; Stock No. 2616-27; Scale 1/18. There's not much info about them in the catalog, but here's what the page lists in the bullet points:

* 3 position Speed Control Trigger Pull for Forward and 9.6V Turbo, Push for Reverse.
* Knurled Non-Slip Steering Wheel with Self-Centering Action
* Detachable 5 Section Telescoping Antenna
* Recessed Power On-Off Switch
* 9.6V Turbo Power Boost Indicator LED
* LED Power-On Indicator, and Battery Life Indicator.

Hey, I found that exact model in the Spring 1988 catalog, page 28. Indy Turbos - The Ultimate Racing Machines... with real Turbo Power.

"Real championship Indy Racers pack Turbo charged engines for blasts of power you control. Down to every detail, Michael Andretti's Kraco car, Al Unser, Jr's Domino's Pizza car, Rick Mear's Pennzoil and Danny Sullivan's Miller American car are authentic replicas of today's Indy winners. And they're Turbo powered!"

Under the #4 Miller car it says Stock No. 2416-27 (looks like the Pennzoil car was planned as the opponent as it is #2416-49).
Cube: 3.0
Weight: 13lbs
Package Size: 7" x 5 1/2" x 16 1/8"


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