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TYCO RC list, very basic. Please add more information.

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Does anyone remember the TYCO...

Wild Sting, TMH

"According to the eBay auction it came out in 1998 and was quickly discontinued."  -original poster

seen that before, the wheels stack on top of each other

-Big Bad Kong
-Bat Man (MT)
-Maximum Destruction(MT)  All 1/6th Scale

-The Big Bad Kong is the first, & it ran on a 6V (powerwheels),
battery mtd. behind the windshield.  My (late) Aunt Erma bought
it for me, as my 21st Birthday present.
-My 2nd was Bat Man, kinda happened onto it at an ,"Ollies",
store.  It runs on a 7.2V pk.  It was out of the box, just the truck
itself, so they let me have it for $20

mini traxx 4 AA's


--- Quote from: czstycor/c on September 09, 2010, 15:32:06 ---mini traxx 4 AA's

--- End quote ---
10,000$ is a lot of money for a fast traxx lmao ;D


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