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Farting Cows And The End Of The World

A boardgame designed by Nathaniel James "Dragon"

Gas building up around the cows eventually might explode! Spread them out before we're all killed!

Farting Cows Cover Art

What kind of game is this?

  • A fun strategy game for 2-4 players
  • The game can be played in about an hour
  • Unique playing space each time you play
  • Challenging for adults yet easy enough for kids

As you're playing the game, you're building the board, the farm land where you'll be putting your cows. Your goal is to get the cows spread out across the land and get the best place for your cows. If your cows get stuck in a bad spot, you can even send out a rescue crew!

Farting Cows Game In Progress

The game is available to purchase through TheGameCrafter.com, which is a company based in Wisconsin, USA, so it's Made In America! Order yours today!

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