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Gamester, Have you remade the front control arm/ suspension point on the twin turbo lambos?
Blogs / Mayfaire By The Lake
« Last post by Dragon on May 10, 2022, 17:28:03 »
This past weekend we were in Lakeland just at the right time to see Mayfaire By The Lake, an annual event which celebrated it's 50th year. We hadn't purposely gone to Lakeland for that event, but just got lucky that it was happening during the same weekend that we were in the area.

On Sunday morning we began our walk around Lake Morton, spotting many swans, storks and ducks while checking out all of the artist exhibits. There were some amazing paintings and some really cool sculptures. Some examples can be seen at

I was surprised to find a booth for The Highwaymen. In college, one of my writing assignments was about this famous group of landscape painters. Ray McLendon (second-generation painter after his father, one of the original Highwaymen, Roy McLendon) was there painting a beautiful scene at the event.

Grace picked out a painting to buy from the Kids Collection, which was a cool painting of some multi-colored zebras.

There were also some neat pieces of metalwork made out of railroad spikes. I saw a few that made me laugh, including one called Karate and another called Colonoscopy, but unfortunately, no photos were allowed in that area. The cheapest ones were about $40. Nothing that I wanted to buy, but fun just the same. Take a look at

My favorite artist overall was Nick Ringelstetter, not only for his style of art, but also because his booth encouraged visitors to take photos of his art. I've uploaded a few photos that I snapped quickly, but my photos don't do his work justice, so be sure to check out for more amazing examples of what he paints.
Table-top Games / Re: Stone Age
« Last post by Dragon on May 03, 2022, 17:00:27 »
Cool. See you there!
Table-top Games / Re: Stone Age
« Last post by czstycor/c on May 03, 2022, 12:26:04 »
FYI I added you on BGA i'm csummy
General Discussions / Re: Online Sound Effect Generators
« Last post by Dragon on May 01, 2022, 22:04:09 »
After another search through several pages this evening, I came across another site that might have been the one I was thinking of from years ago, or at least a similar one.

Jsfxr is an online 8 bit sound maker and sfx generator. All you need to make retro sound effects with jsfxr is a web browser. It's a JavaScript port of the original sfxr by DrPetter. You can also use it as a JavaScript library for playing and rendering sfxr sound effects in your games.

One reason why I think this really might be the one I was thinking of is that it has all the sliders to tweak the sound, an option to download the file as a WAV, and it has a COPY function that will convert the sound into a Base64 string, like this:
7BMHBGC6h9WcXLmkKZExFyWM dLAjSXyPvtGsuBDgFLjbAvnJ A6cHsR6PVwRZdjer3rTCs7WV i9qNAk3NSUdwsfcMdfcTvymW 4Cxin69nBcFzv2vmFQxywUgS 3

Or with a Permalink, like this:

And here's a snippet of code that I've used something like this in (from my Feeling Lucky Linker):

Code: [Select]
function beep() {
    var snd = new Audio("data:audio/wav;base64,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");;
Table-top Games / Dinosaur Tea Party
« Last post by Dragon on April 24, 2022, 19:21:08 »
Yesterday, I played Dinosaur Tea Party with Anna and Grace. For those unfamiliar with the game, it is a remake of a game that I had as a child, called Whosit?, which is similar to the Guess Who game. There were some characters that "haven't aged well" from the original, so part of the challenge with this remake was to come up with something less offensive than a smoking black man wearing jewelry, an oriental Geisha Girl, and an elderly white woman who always says "No!" and so they eventually decided upon dinosaurs drinking tea and eating cake. Unlike the Guess Who game, Dinosaur Tea Party is a game intended for more than two players.

We had a random selection at the beginning of our first game, which determined that I would start. It was a pretty close game, but in the end I won, with Anna and Grace both having 2 of the 3 sugar cubes (points) required to win the game. The game took a bit longer than half-an-hour to play.

After our first game, we decided to enjoy some tea ourselves, before our second game. This time, I thought we should let Anna start.

In our second game, it took a little longer for me to get just my second sugar cube, but I did manage to get it just before Anna got her 3rd to win the game.

I wondered if it was just a matter of the player starting being the most likely winner. Looking back at my play logs, which I keep inside of each game box, it seems that there is a decent mix of winners, not necessarily the same as the starting player, so I'm not too concerned about that being a big factor in the game. Overall, I'm still happy that I have the game, and glad to have something other than Candyland that both of my youngest girls are willing to play.
Table-top Games / Re: Bang!
« Last post by Dragon on April 22, 2022, 22:03:41 »
It's been a couple weeks since having "Family Fun" time and it has been Isaac's choice this evening. Once again, he picked Bang! This time he chose A Fistful Of Cards expansion to play with.

Once again, I was Sheriff. Clockwise around the table was Anna, Grace, Isaac, and Beth. I shot at Beth during the first turn, just to get things going, odds being in my favor that she'd be my enemy. She didn't shoot back right away, trying to keep a low profile for a few rounds, but finally she shot at me. Grace had been cautious, saying that she was trying to help me, but wasn't really doing much - I'm guessing she just didn't get very many Bang cards. Isaac started shooting everyone at the table, but mostly focused on Grace. I figured it was quite likely that he was the Renegade but wasn't sure yet if Grace was my Deputy. Roles could have been reversed and I wasn't sure, but it didn't really matter because I never had the range to shoot anyone other than Anna or Beth anyway. Isaac killed off Grace, revealing that she was the Deputy, and I knew at that point that Isaac was definitely the Renegade. He did a great job helping me by getting a Volcanic and firing off 3 shots in one turn, killing off Beth. Anna was still alive, but running low on health, so, once I got a Volcanic, I finished her off, hoping to get the cards I needed to get Isaac. However, before I could do that, he managed to make a slight come back. Just then the Dead Man card came up on A Fistful Of Cards, bringing Grace back into the game. Grace help me whittle down Isaac, taking away his last cards that he could have used for defense. And that was the end of Isaac. He did a great job as the Renegade, even though he didn't win. 

After the game, we talked about all the different character cards in the set, but I'll talk about what we came up as far as ranking the characters another time.
Tyco RC / Re: Tyco 9.6V RC Series Upgrade/Replacement Parts Now Available!
« Last post by Gamester on April 22, 2022, 17:42:00 »
Hey again folks,

I've created a number of additional parts since I last posted and you can check them all out here...

Most recent ones being the much requested Twin Turbo Lambo upgrade front bumper and the Fast Traxx upgrade battery door  ;)
Blogs / Re: Word For Word Bible Comics
« Last post by czstycor/c on April 18, 2022, 09:37:26 »
He is Risen!
General Discussions / Just wanted to say Hi.
« Last post by OmerHer241 on April 17, 2022, 19:45:10 »
Having read this I thought it was rather enlightening. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this information together. I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!
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