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anyone on here play wow lately?  i havent played for a year now and just wondered what the state of the game was recently.  before i quit i played for about 4 or 5 years.  longest ive ever played one game.  i had a great time and recommend it to anyone that likes that genre.  

i stayed on top of the lich king expansion and felt like i had had enough after that.  i did play through cata to 85, but quit shortly after i checked out all the new revisions to vanilla.  i see theres a new expansion in the works already, panda monks :-\  

i liked old wow in that some things were kinda haphazard.  its now very rat through a maze.  im sure pvp is still good for those who like it but i was never good at it.  i mostly just raided with my guild.  i wasnt a real great raider, mostly a stand in for the regulars who didnt show.  i never liked to commit to a raid schedule.   but i took great pleasure in wringing more dps out of my feral druid than most anyone on my server anyway.  the last i played i was in a 10 man raid vs. magmaw.  for reference, i was in mostly heroic dungeon blues with a few first tier epics and i managed 15.5k dps.   
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