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World Of Tanks
« on: September 09, 2012, 22:16:42 »
I think my son used my email address to sign up for a game that he found online, not realizing that he would need to get my permission to finish the process and play the game. I got curious though and took a look at the website, and I was happily surprised with what I found at

The World Of Tanks game reminds me a bit of a demo game that I tried out several years ago called BattleTech 3025. Unfortunately, that game was canned before it ever got out of Beta. Of course, that game was based on the BattleTech series, but there are a couple points where I saw similarities that got me interested in trying out this game.

1) The game is played from inside the machines, not as people running around in combat. There no blood, just fun combat and explosions. (This comment is based on some in-game-videos and 3rd party reviews - I haven't actually played the game yet.)

2) There is an overview strategy game that can be played at the higher levels. This was one thing that I always thought was cool about the BattleTech video game - battles were fought and the outcome affected the territory that was controlled by each faction.

I definitely want to check out this game some more, but if you're already a player, please, let me know what your experience has been.
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