Author Topic: Custom fix for Fast Traxx low gear  (Read 3348 times)


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Custom fix for Fast Traxx low gear
« on: April 03, 2013, 12:19:27 »
   Greetings to all, contrary to my new account i have been a member since 06, just forgot my login account. I thought it best to get that out of the way and whithout further ado i willshare my fast traxx gears experience with you guys as i now this is a frustrating topic for most.
    I recently purchased a red fast traxx off of ebay, needless to say the lo gear was stripped. I pulled apart the rearend and inspected the gears. The cog in question had 4 operational teeth out of ten. For those who aren't familiar with the appearance of the gear, it actually has 3 different teeth surfaces. Needless to say you will be hard press to find a direct drop in replacement.
    I had a few ideas on ow to go about this. Attemt 1: I grinded down the all but the four teeth that where operational with my dremel and added six other teeth roughly the same dimenions binding tem if yo will. this temporarely worked. So i searched my parts bins from my other projescts and nothing.
    Attempt 2:  I didnt want to but i grinded down the 4 teeth until it was flushed.I managed to locate a direct drop in replacement gear that was the same dimenions and 10 teethright onto the gear shaft, excuse me i mispoke its not actually drop in now that i think about it because i had to bore a bigger hole for it to drop onto the gear shaft.I than epoxied the gear onto the corresponding area and onto the shaft itself for max adhesion.
      I waited the 24 hour dry period as instructed on the back of te glue guid and whoalla! now for a test run, a few battery packs later and still holds better than new.Now if you guys dont have access to a dremel, a file and some sandpaper will suffice.    Now than onto the parts, i sourced out the gear from a hotwheels Rev Treads friction powered vehicle available at most retailers.Its modeled after the monster jams monster trucks and is of 1.43 scale size and theres only 1 ten teeth gear inside and numerouse 12 teeth and etc.
     I am currently working on metal gears, pinions and such to creat a bullet proof rearend for brushless applications for te traxx as well as a modified front end with shocks so stay tuned!