Author Topic: I have a headache before classes even start  (Read 4131 times)


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I have a headache before classes even start
« on: August 21, 2008, 00:35:19 »
Even more than the countless hours of studying, I've come to hate everything involved with getting ready for school. After having to get myself and my kids enrolled in school this semester, I have to say, I'm glad that I had extra time to do it after the summer semester, but it sucks that it still came down to the wire... and things still aren't completely done.

My wife helped me get some forms completed earlier this year, but we found out just the other day that all the information was lost, so there was no money available to pay for my classes. We had to redo some stuff online and tomorrow I'll have to call the financial aid office to find out what's going on. All my classes might have to be charged to credit cards this semester, just so that I can get enrolled. If I don't go full time I'll lose my G.I.Bill money, which I will already be losing some of since it won't be available to me after next May.

In addition to the usual head-splitting chaos, I'm throwing some new stuff into the mix because I'm now a transient student to another college since I couldn't take all of my classes through SPC. Even with taking a class at PHCC I wasn't able to get what I wanted. They had a Javascript course that I wanted to take. According to their website, there were 86 seats available for the online/blended class. Unfortunately, since the forms took so long to get through, I found out too late that the 86 seats were the total seats available between 3 different classes and it was already filled despite the website still showing 86 seats available.
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