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Critical Hit Games
« on: May 24, 2015, 04:14:48 »
So... Emerald City has decided to kill off our beloved game night after building up a following since at least the beginning of this year (that's when I started going anyway... I'm not sure when it originally started) so most people are no longer there on Saturday nights and some of us that have still been showing up are looking around for a more fitting place to meet. Maybe Critical Hit Games will be the answer for of us. I see that they have Board Game Night scheduled for Monday nights, so maybe I'll try to get out for those nights on occasion but thankfully "Open gaming is accommodated as much as possible every day!" and their hours look promising...

Quote from:
Critical Hit Games
Open 7 Days a Week
12PM - 10PM+*
*Modified hours on Holidays
10462 Roosevelt Blvd. N.
St Petersburg FL 33702
* We are often open past midnight.
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