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« on: February 25, 2016, 21:02:55 »
I have these 2 cars, 1 is a windstreakerII radio shack car.  It keeps on stopping and go. I played with it for 5 min today then it stoped completely, then let it sit I tried it again and it worked.

second is a modified car thats 4x4 with 2 props. I had shoved a tyco typhoon  mini board in there and the transistors fried. maybe to much draw from the motor or maybe because I left the motor caps on. its missing a headlight and tail light.
Both cars missing some screws. the 4x4 is missing all the screws to the body.

The cars you can have free but I want $10 for the typhoon mini controller 49mhz And I do beleive I have an antenna.

Please email me at because I dont check here often.