Author Topic: RetroPie: Adding games?  (Read 6101 times)


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RetroPie: Adding games?
« on: July 26, 2017, 19:53:16 »
Recently got an RPi3 for my birthday. Installed RetroPie with help from my techy brother (a.k.a. Dragon). I'm wondering if more games can be added. I don't know much about this system yet or how I'd even add games.
Anyway, looking for Cabbage Patch Kids and Smurfs currently. Also wondering if some even older Caleco games can be added.
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Re: RetroPie: Adding games?
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2017, 23:55:43 »
Atari games can be added... I'm not sure about Colecovision...

BTW, for a good setup, first you'll probably want to adjust the keyboard input to use English US keyboard so that those commands I gave you will be able to be typed. By default the UK keyboard is expected as input and there are some reconfigured keys on that.

Second, for the splash screens, loading view when you select a game, you'll probably want to have it show the cover art. Go to RetroPie Setup > Configuration / tools > splashscreen - Configure Splashscreen ; On that screen, Option 2 probably says "Enable splashscreen on boot (Disabled)... select that so that it shows "Disable splashscreen on boot (Enabled)

... Correction... that doesn't do what I was thinking of...

Under the Run Command Configuration > Launch menu art (Enabled)

Under Configuration > Splash Screens

Enable SSH and Enable Wifi are both useful options in the RetroPie Setup menu > Configuration / tools. (I had missed the option for turning on Wifi before... that would have helped a long time ago.) 
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