Author Topic: Colossal sized Castle Of Mad King Ludwig  (Read 525 times)


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Colossal sized Castle Of Mad King Ludwig
« on: January 22, 2021, 18:35:34 »
If you've ever enjoyed playing Castles Of Mad King Ludwig, you should check out the Colossal sized edition coming out with pieces 4x the size of the original, metal coins, new tower rooms, and more. It's on KickStarter now: ... It looks awesome, but if I did end up getting it, that would most definitely be my most expensive board game ever. I have the original game, with the Secrets expansion, and it is one of my favorite games! I'm not sure... yet if I will get it. With less than one month remaining on KickStarter to back this project, it's a tough decision. It does look really cool though.
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