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« on: January 15, 2022, 17:11:15 »
Last night I played Pathfinder with my girls. It's an old 2-player, hidden location game, similar to Battleship, not the more recent RPG game that is akin to D&D.

The first 2 games were against my youngest daughter, Grace. I won both games. The 3rd game was against my second daughter, Anna. I won that also, covering over 90% of the board before discovering where the treasure (goal) was at, while Anna had only covered about a quarter of her own board due to running into walls so often. The 4th and final game of the night was played between Grace and Anna. I noticed that both girls liked to make some kind of picture with their walls, but it wasn't always using as much of their walls that they had available. Anna had a lot of open space in the middle of her secret board, which made it very easy for Grace to pass through the center without getting stopped as often as Anna would on Grace's secret board.

It had been a long time since I'd gotten this game out, but the girls and I definitely enjoyed it. I think this might be one of my choices for my 10x10 Game Challenge this year. (I still haven't settled on those yet.)
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