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Terraforming Mars
« on: May 22, 2022, 23:10:30 »
Today we played Terraforming Mars. It's one that I had played once a few years ago and had considered buying before, but hadn't owned until now.

The instructions say that the last player to win a game of Terraforming Mars is the starting player for the game, but none of us had ever won before. Neither Beth nor Isaac had even played before, and I had played against guys at a hobby shop who were very familiar with the game and had lost, so we just used the Chwazi app on my phone to randomly select a starting player. Beth won the random selection process.

Although the game box says it's expected to be 90-120 minutes, this was really our first game (technically my second, but I didn't really remember enough about the game), so we should have known that it was going to be longer. I had just finished reading through the rules as we got started. It took about 4 hours to play our first game, which included some short interruptions, so we all hope will be cut shorter next time. As a first time playing, it was probably on par considering we had to check for rules and try to understand what was certain things were used for without anyone really familiar with the game. Most of actions seemed easy enough to understand, it's just a matter of getting familiar with the cards, which all have so many different things going on. Early on in the game Beth asked if there was a summary of what the cards (Projects) did, but really each one does it's own thing, and there are lots - over 200.

In what seemed to be the last round (Generation) of the game, Beth played a card that expanded the global requirements, pushing it into one more round. I got a little bit more in that next round, Beth picked up some points too, but  think Isaac really had the biggest benefit from the extension.

At the end, it was fairly close in score. Isaac won with 86 points. I finished with 70 points, and Beth had 67.
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