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Modern Art
« on: June 17, 2022, 20:04:44 »
Last night we played Modern Art, which is a card game that I really like but I can't get my wife to play anymore because she hates the artwork on some of the cards. Anyway, Mac was visiting, and Isaac played along, so we got a fairly quick 3-player game going. We played through 1 practice round, since Mac suggested just trying it out a little before we got into the game. Also, I couldn't remember the rules very well, not that it's really complicated, but I initially missed some of the specifics about playing extra cards at the end of the round and we had mixed up some cards from in between rounds. For the "real" game, the first few rounds were fairly close in score. In round 3, Mac played several cards face-down and managed to get the highest score in the round, but had used up so many of his cards that he only had 2 for the final round. That last round really hurt him as Isaac and I picked up a lot of points in the end with our remaining cards. Isaac won the game, with 98, I had 92, and Mac had 85. I'm not sure if Mac liked the game to play again. Only time will tell because it was late and we needed to wrap up the night anyway.

As I mentioned, since my wife doesn't like the art, but I really like the game, I really want to put together a set of personalized cards with artwork that our own family has done. After all, my son, Isaac, and middle-daughter, Anna, are quite artistic. Isaac has done some great paintings in school, and Anna has made some great drawings, even just in her doodling on church bulletins. Grace is pretty artistic too and she is officially an "Art Collector" since she bought some art work from the Mayfaire in Lakeland earlier this year. Hopefully we can put something together that she will enjoy looking at and then be able to play through this great little game.
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