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« on: June 19, 2022, 22:05:11 »
Homeworlds is my favorite game from Looney Labs. I was introduced to this game by my friend, Brian Palm, years ago after playing Zendo at his place. At that time, there weren't any Homeworlds boxed sets like the ones out today. In order to play Homeworlds, I purchased multiple sets of Ice Dice and Looney Pyramids in order to have enough pieces to play a 4-player game of Homeworlds.

Isaac had played the game years ago, but didn't like it at that time. (That was before he really got into Chess too.) Since we had recently played Grim Reaper, which is another abstract game that we enjoy, He gave it a shot again yesterday and seemed to like it this time. He played well, and although he lost, he did ask to play a second game after the first. He said that he thinks he needs a lot more practice at it to be as good as I am. I thought he did well for a beginner. Of course, he challenged me to Chess after losing the second game of Homeworlds.
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