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Dungeon Heroes
« on: July 10, 2022, 14:33:30 »
Dungeon Heroes is a quick game for two-players, with a time estimate of 15-30 minutes on the side of the box, and I think that's accurate an accurate time frame for this game. One player moves the Heroes around the Dungeon, looking for treasures while trying not to get killed by traps and monsters. The other player runs the Dungeon, placing tiles face-down for the Heroes to discover on the board during the Passive Phase, the first half, of the game. Once all the tiles have been placed on the board, the Aggressive Phase starts, where the Dungeon player starts moving monsters around the board to defeat the Heroes.

I've played this game on the iPad along with the physical version and have noticed that there are some changes in the rules, mainly the way that the Poison Cloud works, so I primarily use the iPad version of the rules for that tile since it seems to give the Heroes a more fair chance of success, especially if they go running in blind like I've seen happen most of the time.

The variant on the Poison Cloud rule is this: Instead of Instant Death, when a hero lands on a Poison Cloud, they are almost killed, but not quite, reduced to 1 Life, and teleported back to the entrance of the dungeon.

I played Dungeon Heroes against Tim twice on June 20th.

Game #1, he played as the heroes and I ran the dungeon. He didn't use the wizard's ability much to find out where things were in the dungeon. He may have used the wizard a little at first, but was mostly, just running the warrior and the rogue out into the middle until he was surrounded. He did manage to get some treasure before the Aggressive Phase of the dungeon began, but soon after that, my monsters killed off his heroes.

Game #2, we switched sides, so I played as the heroes and he ran the dungeon. My strategy on the hero side is to use the wizard as much as I can to keep from getting my other characters injured. Tim noticed that I used my wizard's ability much more than he did. ... And I succeeded in grabbing 3 treasure chests before he was able to kill any of my heroes.
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