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Father's Day 2022
« on: June 19, 2022, 23:59:31 »
Today was a nice day for me. My youngest girls brought home made cards in to me to wish me Happy Father's Day. My wife had made coffee and was cleaning up things preparing to make Cinnamon Rolls for me, and asked what I'd like to do today. Of course, I love playing board games and any chance I can get to do that with my family, I'll do that. While having my breakfast, I read through the rules for Catan Seafarers, which we had purchased recently along with a few other games via Facebook Marketplace.

Rather than playing Seafarers though, we decided to play Struggle For Catan to start off. After playing Struggle For Catan with Beth and Isaac, they started getting lunch made.

Anna isn't a big fan of board games, but she really likes playing Minecraft on the iPad and had built something special for me in her game world. She had a big building with a sign that said "Happy Fathers Day" on it. Very sweet of her. I played Minecraft with my two youngest girls for a while before taking a little nap.

After that, Beth and Isaac joined me for a game of Catan Seafarers. I won that game. I think it was the only game I won, but enjoyed the day anyway.

Finally, we got out Fallout Shelter: The Board Game. Isaac and I had played this game with our friend Chris just a month or so ago and Isaac still had a strong strategy in his mind - getting the  pets to use and build up his collection of other items. Isaac, Beth, and I played, but Isaac was obviously doing well right from the start. He got all of his dwellers quickly along with some pets early on. It worked out well and Isaac had nearly double our score in the end.   
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