Author Topic: Echo Link (Cd player broadcasted throught multiple echo devices?)  (Read 2775 times)


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Just got an Echo Link to hook up to my stereo so that I could play music from my multi-disc CD player to other rooms. Unfortunately, the instructions were a bit lacking. Hooking up the Audio In and Audio Out was not a big deal, but when trying to get the sound going to and from it, that's where it was missing details.

RCA cables connected up like so:
Stereo CD Player (Audio Out) -> Echo Link (Audio In)
Echo Link (Audio Out) -> Stereo Receiver (CD Audio In)

Quote from:
Posted by u/HealthyandHappy1 year agoQuestion
Cd player broadcasted throughout multiple echo devices?

(SOLVED) Resolution at bottom for anyone with same problem. Line in multi room is possible!

I had asked this question here previously, and my understanding of the answer I received was that I could broadcast the cd player from the echo amp to a group in the house.

I have the amp in my possession, but I seem to not understand how to actually broadcast the cd player beyond the amp itself. I have multiple echo studios around the house that I would like to broadcast the cd to in addition to the speakers plugged into the amp for my uncle.

Perhaps I had asked this incorrectly, because it doesn't seem possible through the limited scope of my tinkering.

If this isn't possible, any recommendations on what I should do for my uncle would be appreciated. His cd player is important to him, he's an elderly guy, and wants to listen to those cds across the home.

Appreciate all the help.

Edit: I just saw this in the reviews and will attempt it. If it works I'll update this thread and leave it up for anyone wondering the same thing in the future.


To set up the Echo Link with line in:

    Create a multi-room music group with your Echo Link Go to Devices> Select the + sign in the top right corner> Setup Multi-Room Music group> select the Echo Link and ALL Echos you wish to connect with. Link must be included in the group with the other Echos
    Plug the RCA cable into the Line in ports on the back of the Echo Link.
    Plug the other end of the cable into the record player.
    In the Alexa app Go to Devices> Echo & Alexa> Echo Link> select Line in distribution
    Select the new group you've created and select done.

When I had plugged everything in, I hooked the Audio In from my CD player and Audio Out to my Receiver to go to my speakers. I setup Groups (as described above) after having all the wires plugged in but they didn't show up as an option under the Line In Distribution until after I unplugged the Audio Out wires - only Local Speakers were listed and a plus icon (+) under Multi-Room Music appeared. After clicking the plus icon, I was able to create a new group (multiple times) but no group showed up in the Multi-Room Music section even after saving.  Only after unplugging the Audio Out and selecting the Everywhere Group on the Alexa App, was I able to plug the wires back into Audio Out and actually have it play from my stereo through the Echo Link to my Echo Smart Speaker in the other room.
Another thing that I noticed is that it works best using controls by switching Link In Distribution to Local Speakers to verify it was playing before switching to Multi-Room Music through the Amazon App rather than voice commands through the Echo Smart Speaker. With a couple attempts I was able to get the music playing through the Echo Link to play on the Echo Smart Speaker using voice commands, but it wasn't consistent. Sometimes it would just start playing random music out to both devices.
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