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Catan Junior
« on: July 17, 2022, 14:43:54 »
Catan Junior is a nice introduction for kids coming into the Catan Universe. It still has some of the basic mechanics of original game, collecting resources, trading (1:1 in the marketplace or 2:1 in the stockpile, with Advanced Rules allowing for 1:1 trades with other players), building, and a Robber/Pirate to block other players from gaining resources. There are less locations than the original though, starting places are preset, and the odds for any location producing resources are the same since only 1 die is rolled. The double-sided board, for 2 players on one side and 3 or 4 players on the other, provides a few more locations for more players while it keeps the 2-player game closer for more competition. The game feels just long enough to give a small taste of Catan and leaving the target audience some desire to play again.

Yesterday I played Catan Junior against Grace. We hadnít played this in a couple years, so I had to refresh the rules for myself and explain the rules to her again. She started the first round of the game rolling a 6 which triggers the Ghost Captain (Pirate/Robber). I got the first Coco The Parrot tile, which is similar to getting Development cards and was able to snag the Pirate Island and hold onto it for the whole game.
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