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« on: August 08, 2022, 22:01:33 »
Another game acquired at the Tampa Bay Comic Convention, thanks to Chris, was Jaipur. I've played this game on several times and was happy to see it there. Chris purchased the game and gifted it to me as an early birthday present! :)

Chris and Isaac played Jaipur while we were there and Isaac caught onto the game quickly. When we got home, Isaac played against me and won, already making good use of the tips that Chris had taught him. We played again, and this time I managed to win but it was time to end for the night after that.

This is a great addition to my game collection. Isaac has also commented on wanting to have his own copy of the game to take to college. Fortunately, although the game may have been out of print for a while, there seems to be a recent print of it that is available on for anyone looking right now.

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