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Power Grid
« on: September 18, 2023, 17:46:50 »
Yesterday we played Power Grid twice!

The first one was kind of a practice, although it took a while. We were getting reacquainted with the game as well as chit-chatting with our visitors. We were still in Step 1 after an hour and a half. Beth was the first to build 7 cities, but unfortunately she had to go to work, so we called that one and started over with me, Isaac, Justice, and Chris.

In the second game, Chris had a solid lead at first, but I managed to jump ahead with the power plants and cities briefly before I got hit needing more resources for my garbage power plant than I was going to be able to get. I managed to switch from garbage to solar power before the end, but ended up dropping my power output slightly. In the end, Chris had 17 cities and was able to power them all, claiming the win.
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