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« on: September 18, 2023, 18:27:32 »
As our final game of the night, we played Citadels. It is a fun little game of secret identities, bluffing, and managing your cards and money to build up the best districts in the kingdom. Justice started the game as King, by random selection, but achieved his overall goal of the game by holding onto the crown the entire time. In Citadels, players secretly take role cards which have different abilities, then they have opportunities to get money and building cards which are needed for points. Depending on what roles all the players have, some players might not get to take a turn, because the Assassin attacks, some may loose all their money, because the Thief attacks, some may have their building destroyed by a Warlord, but preferably they will have a chance to safely build something to get points. The role of the King can also get changed around, but since Justice chose the King so much, and then would chose the Assassin to kill the King whenever he didn't get the King card, Chris, Isaac, and I learned that Justice was fully committed to keeping the crown. In the end, Justice did not get the most points, but he did achieve his goal of being the king forever! Chris won the game with a score that was nearly matching all other players scores combined.
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