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Tonight, babysitter, church party, kitten
« on: January 10, 2010, 01:05:57 »
We had were invited this evening to a party by people from church.  It was a Women's committee meeting but they invite other people to come also.  We were lucky to be invited.  Our very kind neighbor watched our children for us so we wouldn't have to bring them.  (Tylerchuit had been kind enough to offer but that is too far to have someone to come for that.) This is quite a treat for us since we usually don't get babysitters and go anywhere without the kids.  One reason is we would miss them too much and another is it is hard to know who you can trust with your children. 

It was really nice getting to know more about the people at the church.  One lady told us all about her travels mostly about her most recent trip to Egypt.  She is very interested in archaeology.  This was really nice.  Unfortunately they got word that a former member had passed away tonight.  This really made everyone sad.  They told us what a wonderful man he was.  He wasn't very old but had complications from a surgery or something and died.  It was quite a surprise to all. It is amazing how when you are with Christians and someone dies it is not the end.  It seems to be a different sadness.  Everyone is more sad for the family and how they will miss the person while we are still waiting for Jesus to come back rather than this is the end and we won't ever see that person again. 

We are so happy to have found this church.  The people seem so warm and inviting.  I really look forward to going to church now.  The kids are enjoying it too.  If any of you are looking for a place to come please check it out.  We have not liked a church this much in a long while.   The sermons and the people are great.

Now I am back home.  The kitten that was a stray is playing in our back room.  I took a piece of paper and balled it up and she is having a great time playing with it.  She is batting it all around the room.  You would think I gave her the best toy in the world.  She even got it stuck in the wires behind the TV.  She was smart enough to pick it up in her mouth and carry it to where she could play with it again.  This little kitten somehow had ended up at our neighbor across the streets house.  She was so skinny you could see all her bones.   She is way too friendly to have been a stray.  When that neighbor who was feeding her had to move it was right near the cold snap.  Our neighbor (who watched the kids tonight) next to us took her in but couldn't put her in the house.  Neither one of us can afford to get the kitten shots yet so we have to keep her separate from our own animals until then.  When it got too cold we took her over into our house because we have the new room and can keep her separate there.  If anyone wants a really friendly fun kitten let us know.
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