Author Topic: Dungeon and Dragon Magazines get the axe  (Read 5674 times)


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Dungeon and Dragon Magazines get the axe
« on: June 20, 2008, 01:52:45 »
I happened to accidentally hit Enter after typing "dragon" into my browser's address bar just moments ago. It brought up a Google listing which included, which I recognized as the company who took over distribution for Cheapass Games. It made me curious as to why that company would be so high on a search for "dragon" so I followed the link.

The page looked rather innocent, but the text it contained soon shocked me. A pair of magazines that I enjoyed as a teenager, young adult, and even as something that I occasionally flip through at the book store will no longer be printed. Dragon magazine, a magazine which was marketed to D&D players, and it's companion, Dungeon magazine, a dungeon master's inspirational magazine, "will cease publication following the release of the September issues."

I remember picking up the latest releases of Dragon magazine not too many years ago and reading through each article, imagining confronting the creatures in the drawings, and simply immersing myself into the fantasy world of D&D during each break at work. The paintings which adorned the cover of each issue and even the more simple drawings inside were amazing and inspirational for fans of fantasy.

Although Paizo has stated that their monthly Pathfinder book will be taking over as the new source for fantasy role playing, it just feels like another part of my past, my youth, is going to be lost.
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