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Did You Know?
« on: March 20, 2011, 13:36:08 »
Hey guys I learned a couple of this yesterday i wanted to share with you.
This may be useful to you at some point.

First thing is about how styrofoam  is a plastic with extra carbon.
take fingernail polish or acetone and put some (not alot) in  tin or metal tub and start adding any type of styrofaom to it and it will melt.
use gloves to get out the melted puddle of mush and squeeze it up a few times.
you now have a melted plastic and should give atleast 10 hours to fully  cure and harden\

the secnd thing i learn is similar to the first thing but with out the hash chemicles and ozone killing fumes.
Warm up some milk on the stove. make sure its all warm and no cold milk (does not work with cold milk)
after heating the milk to warm, add vinigar to the milk and mix it up real good.
It will start to get clumpy and look like cottage cheese but please refrain yourself not to eat it. (well cant kill you so if you want to taste it go for it.
get a strainer and collect the clumpy stuff and mush it all up with your hands and it will be a soft plastic to either make molds or use in molds.
Let stand to harden.