Author Topic: Blokus 3D - AKA: Rumis  (Read 4327 times)


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Blokus 3D - AKA: Rumis
« on: February 19, 2010, 11:15:47 »
I came across the official Blokus site today and discovered that Rumis has been redesigned as Blokus 3D. I took a look at the rules (a downloadable PDF is available on and it really looks like they've just renamed the game and put the Blokus style on it. I don't see any rules being different. In any case, Blokus has become quite popular now, at least based on what I've heard from several casual gamers. So, if you're familiar with Blokus, but don't yet own Rumis, you might want to check out Blokus 3D.
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Thanks for the helpful information
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Thanks for the helpful information