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Fun with New Bright!
« on: March 26, 2009, 20:53:48 »
So I've had this New Bright 1/10th (more like 1/12th) Dodge Truck sitting around for as long as I can remember, dont even know where I got it from, but I knew some day I'd rip into it. That day came.
First thing I did was trim away some plastic form both the front and rear to give it some more suspention travel. Next I yanked out the stock electronics and servo (never worked since I had it) and installed a Futaba 3003 servo, and 18th scale pro-pulse speed controller and radio. Drove it around with a propulse 7.2v 6 cell battery for a bit, it was slow, but I exspected that. Then went to the original 8 cell 9.6v pack, and it was better, but still at "toy" speed. Did'nt take long for me to decided it was time for a stronger motor. I had a couple of these "Rocket 400" 3-7.2v motors that I picked up at a hobby store years ago and never used. The armature wire size was a good 40% thicker then the stock motor, so about 40% less windings. It was a perfect fit, bolted right up to the new bright tranny and the pinion gear went right on with no problems. I was afraid the tranny would turn to soup and motor catch on fire with 8 cells before the first battery pack was dead, but so far it's proven me wrong. I'm on my 2nd battery and the thing is still working! It's just as much fun to beat on as my Tamiya Lunch Box! Low gear is perfect for back yard bashing, blow's through grass and dirt with more power then it know's what to do with! lol High gear is geared a bit too tall, pavment only. But it winds up to about 25mph and is a challange to keep on 4 wheels. My first run in high gear blew the internal fuse on the 9.6 pack, I thought I blew the speed control. The battery get's nice and toasty after a full run, but the motor does'nt get too hot at all.
I never would of guessed a flimsy New Bright could be so much fun!
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